Our Vision

Our vision is to develop an environment that fosters exemplary, innovative that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century. In the diversity of biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology is the one which play a vital role to boost country’s economy up. Nepal can produce medicines (including antibiotics) for internal demand and export as well through this technology. Our vision is to set up research environment which will bring educational institutes and industries closer. We will provide manpower’s and technology to industries and as a return, industries will create jobs for our graduates.


National college has begun M.Sc. Biotechnology program since 2012 under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University with an aim to produce globally competent manpower. Biotechnology is one of the faste..

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong research and teaching environment that responds to future challenges in biotechnology. Our target is to enrich students with practical knowledge and confidence, make t..

Message from principal

Dear parents/guardians and well wishers,Greetings to everyone ! with great pride, I want to inform you that Creative Academy celebrated its 10th year in 2070 B.S. and it was a memorable occasion for a..
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Upcoming Events

2 Poush
Sport Days
2 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 4 Poush 2074 11:59 PM
10 Poush
Christmas Day
10 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 10 Poush 2074 11:59 PM
11 Poush
Volleyball senior (Girls and Boys)
11 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 11 Poush 2074 11:59 PM
12 Poush
Exam Preparation Leave
12 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 12 Poush 2074 11:59 PM
13 Poush
3rd Assesment
13 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 21 Poush 2074 11:59 PM
23 Poush
Winter Vaccation
23 Poush 2074 12:00 AM to 30 Poush 2074 11:59 PM