Academic evaluation of the students will be based upon internal assessments as well as final examinations. Final examinations will be conducted as per the rules of Purbanchel University. Internal assessment of the student will be made through unit tests, open-book tests, and surprise tests. Besides, this internal assessment will be carried out on the basis of attendance, class participation paper presentation, group-assignments, project work and seminars.

Students scoring below the set standard will be disqualified to appear final examination.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to meet and discuss the progress of the students with the respective subject teachers and the program coordinator.

Extra Class

Students who are found academically weak to clear the program will be provided with extra intensive coaching classes before their entry into the final examination of P.U.

Student Activities 

Student will be governed by the code of conduct of the college. No student is allowed to involve in any sort of political or illicit activities or association. Students overruling the basic norms and values of the institution are liable to be expelled from the college. Students will be provided with academic calendar, which will be the chronological academic guidance for the classes pertaining to an academic year.